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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting? 
A. Every year in June, thousands of Southern Baptists from across the country converge for the convention's annual meeting. This is heavily attended by pastors and SBC leaders.  Each SBC church is allowed at least 2 messengers at the annual meeting. Messengers may vote on matters raised at the convention.  These matters may include resolutions that speak to specific issues and will include the election of a new president of the Southern Baptist Convention along with other leadership positions. Larger churches meeting specific criteria may have as many as 12 messengers or voting representatives. 
The Southern Baptist Convention does not have a governing body like the Roman Catholic Church.  It is a loose association of over 50,000 SBC churches.  However, a president is elected annually, and a percentage of funds from each associated church is sent to the SBC in what is referred to as the Cooperative Program. 
Q.  Is the For Such A Time As This Rally group "anti-Southern Baptist"?
A. No. In fact, many of us are Southern Baptist or have deep connections to the SBC. We pray that the faulty ideas prevalent in the SBC about women, sexual assault and abuse in marriage be reformed. We pray that this movement and the voices that have been raised this year will be agents of change that will usher in a new season of respect for women and training of SBC leadership and pastors. We pray that the SBC brings a renewed commitment to standing with abused women. 
Q. Where will the rally be held?  
A. The 2019 rally will be in Birmingham just outside the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center near the site of the SBC Annual Meeting.  
Q. What if I can't be in Birmingham?
A. Sign up to join the team.  We will keep you posted of other ways to help. 
You can also participate by sharing information on social media. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter (@SBCforsuchatime)
JOIN US in Birmingham at the 2019 SBC Annual Meeting for the For Such A Time As This RallyMore details here
For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance... will arise from another place,
but...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"
                                                                                                                                  —Esther 4:14 (NIV)


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