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Long ago, Esther spoke truth to a powerful man who believed she was not entitled to his audience. Now, it is our turn to speak some truth and ask one another, "And who knows but that you have come to your royal position FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?"
Join those making a difference.
You don't need to be a woman. 
You don't need to be Southern Baptist.
There are many ways to volunteer.  Details about the attending the rally or supporting the "virtual rally" can be found here  
If you are Southern Baptist,  attend the 2019 annual meeting in Birmingham as a Messenger. 
If you are not Southern Baptist or if your church will not appoint you as a messenger, plan to attend the #ForSuchATimeAsThisRally on June 11–12 in Birmingham, Alabama. 
If you cannot be with us in Birmingham, help to promote the rally and #Churchtoo, #ChurchDV and #SBCtoo information on social media.
Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for information you can share!
Let us know how you can help! 

By joining our team, you are not committing to being in Birmingham. You're simply stating that you are part of the voices speaking out against the abuse in the Church. Join us by providing your contact information.


If you are a member of a Southern Baptist Church, please check with your pastor to see if you can go to the Annual Meeting in Birmingham as a messenger. Important topics related to the treatment of women in the SBC may be up for a vote. Good men and women are needed!


Social media has been exploding with #MeToo and #ChurchToo stories this year. Let's pray that leaders in the SBC are listening. You can add your voice to the others being raised—and know you are not alone.

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