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Diane Montgomery: Surviving SWBTS - Life as a Female Employee and Student in a Pattersonian Culture

"Whenever my immediate supervisor left his position, I asked if I might be considered for the job since I had been doing much of his duties at the time. I was told by my immediate supervisor, however, that I would never be considered because I was woman. There was no mention of my lack of maturity or experience needed for the position, but it was solely because of my God-ordained sex. I was told that women were never considered for managerial positions on campus because Dr. Patterson would never allow it. I was also told that women would never be taken seriously as managers in the SWBTS workplace; that was just the way it was and I needed to accept that." Read more at: #DianeMontgomery #SpeakingtheTruthofHerHeart #PaigePatterson #DorothyPatterson #SWBTS

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