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June 13, 2021 Virtual Rally

For Such A Time As This Rally

Find out how to stand with #SBCtoo survivors on June 13 at the virtual rally.

Due to continued COVID uncertainties, For Such A Time As This Rally will be virtual once again in 2021. We will be looking forward to opportunities to once again have a physical presence next year.

We are declaring Sunday, June 13 to be a

DAY OF ACTION on social media.


1. Check out what we're doing on social media.

We will be sharing new videos from advocates and survivors. We will also be re-posting favorite videos from years past. Find us at or on Twitter at @SBCForSuchATime.

We will be featuring new videos from survivors and advocates throughout the day on Sunday, June 13. We will also be sharing videos from past years, so this is a great chance to catch something you missed.

At 5:30 PM Central Time on Sunday, join us on the Facebook page for a conversation about "The State of the SBC for Survivors" with Ashley Easter, Dee Parsons from The Wartburg Watch and Cheryl Summers, founder of For Such A Time As This Rally.

2. Take a selfie with our Virtual Rally Printable and post it on June 13.

Check out our Virtual Rally Printable on Google docs, print and write in why you stand with For Such A Time As This Rally, then take a selfie with the printable and share on social media on #ForSuchATimeAsThisRally Day, Sunday June 13.

3. Use the Virtual Rally hashtags.

Share videos and posts throughout the day on June 13 (and after) using our Virtual Rally hashtags:




The SBC Annual Meeting will be using #SBC21. Let's "hijack" their hashtag and spread the word about the Rally's goals by tagging any Virtual Rally posts with #SBC21 as well as #forsuchatimeasthisrally and and #SBCtoo. Using #SBC21 will insure that SBC messengers searching for #SBC21 posts on social media will also see posts from the Rally. Of course, you're welcome to use other related hashtags like #churchtoo or #metoo.

4. "Attend" the event on Facebook.

You will see the event listed on our Facebook page. Please go to the event and indicate that you are "attending." This will make the Virtual Rally more visible to others, and will help us spread the word.

5. Invite 10 like-minded people to the event.

Please help out by reaching out to like-minded people who care deeply about addressing abuse. You can easily do this by going to the event page on Facebook, and on the right hand side, you can select friends you'd like to invite to the event. It's an easy way to let people know about this virtual event!

6. Add our Facebook profile frame to your profile picture.

Check out this link or from Facebook profile frames, search For Such A Time As This Rally 2021. It's easy to do. Just hover over your profile picture, select "Edit Profile Picture" then choose "Add Frame" and search for our frame.

Thank you for joining us as we continue to fight for safety in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Remember our 3 objectives:

  1. Women to be treated with honor and respect in the Southern Baptist Convention.

  2. A SBC-supported database of convicted, credibly accused or convicted predators.

  3. Training regarding abuse of all types for pastors, seminary students, and volunteers.

There's really a 4th objective closely related to objectives 1 and 2: reform of the SBC ordination process. One of our Rally speakers, Dr. Layne Wallace will be speaking about this issue and how it enables abusers. Did you know that there is no way for a SBC predator pastor to be de-frocked or to have his ordination rescinded?

It's been a wild ride this week as recordings and letters have been released and as the issue of how the SBC will address abuse will be discussed at the annual meeting.

There will be wolves in sheep's clothing gathering this week in Nashville. We need an army of survivors, advocates and friends of survivors to roar with one voice.

It is more important than ever to continue exposing evil and speaking out.

Thank you for your support of For Such A Time As This Rally.

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