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Wade Burleson's Guest Post on The Wartburg Watch

" Now there are Southern Baptists who are saying, “Dr. Paige Patterson loves women!” “Dr. Paige Patterson is being misrepresented.” They declare, “Dr. Paige Patterson would never tell an abused woman to submit to her abusive husband..” “Dr. Paige Patterson was only joking when he said a man should own at least one woman.” 

To Patterson loyalists, Dr. Paige Patterson is a misunderstood man.

No. he’s not. Dr. Patterson is a man who speaks what he believes.

Either too many Southern Baptists are cowards or far too many Southern Baptists believe just like Paige Patterson.

We must confront and remove leaders who propose an unbiblical, anti-Christian, inhumane, God-dishonoring view of women, and cover, hide, and excuse the sexual and physical abuse of women and not wait until society and culture shame us.

Indeed, shame on us." Read more at: #WadeBurleson #TheWartburgWatch #PaigePatterson

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