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Wade Burleson: Tracking Sexual Predators in the SBC & the Multiple Allegations against Paul Pressler

" What is being reported in the Houston Chronicle these last few weeks leads me to ask a very specific question:

"Had a database tracking sexual predators been in place in 1979, would that database have prevented Judge Paul Pressler and Paige Patterson from ever having influence in the Southern Baptist Convention?"

If you don't care, or worse, if you think the good these two did in the SBC rises above any allegations of predatory behavior or alleged cover-up, then you need to look at yourself carefully in the mirror and see if the gospel has indeed made a difference in your own life.

Stained-glass windows at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary may actually be more stained than Southern Baptists realize.

Read more at #WadeBurleson #PaigePatterson #PaulPressler #SBCtoo #Stainedglass

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